5. Dashboard, courses

After you login, the E-learning system launches the Home page from where you can navigate to the Dashboard to see the the timeline for your current tasks and activities and the My courses link to see the current courses you are already enrolled in.

Teachers inform you by email or Neptun messages on their courses launched in the E-learning system. Not all Neptun courses are launched in the E-learning system, so when needed, you should ask for information about a course directly from the instructor.

Searching for a course on the e-learning platform

If your teacher has given you a link, just login to elearning, click on the link given to you, and it will take you directly to the course.

  • If you don’t have a link to the course, click on the button „Courses” which can be found on the header. A menu will appear including the actual semester (e.g. 1st. Semester 2023/2024). Clicking on the current semester, a new menu will appear listing the institutes. Click on the right institute then browse among courses. Please make sure that you found the correct course (right institute, campus, right semester., instructor)
  • You can also select the right Course categories proceeding as above, then type in the course name or Neptun Code in the field Search courses and click GO.

  • If you conduct a search by course name or course Neptun code, you may get a list of courses. You will need to select the right one carefully. By clicking on the by the name of the course, you can read information like the name of the teacher(s) or a short summary.

  • The name of most courses consists of the followings:

NEPTUN Code – Name of the course - 2023/2024 -autumn/fall (actual year - and/or semester)

These elements can guide you to choose the right course.